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Muntong Moringa is Malaysia No: 1 Moringa product with quality assurance by manufacturer (Mitomasa Sdn Bhd) where its moringa is cultivated in its own farm located at Pahang, Bentong hill top and Sabah, Nabawan district. Moringa Oleifera is a natural remedy to maintain general health.

Mitomasa Sdn Bhd manufacturing and processing method is recognized and certified by the national and international manufacturing standard such as the Good Agriculture Practice (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Food Safety Management System ( ISO22000 ), and Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

All Muntong Moringa is made from the finest quality of Moringa plant with no mixture of stem, bark, seed, root, talc powder, excipient / filler in all its products.

Muntong Moringa is cultivated naturally from Malaysia farm located at Bentong.


Planted in Bentong, Malaysia. Originates from India, where it has been prized for thousands of years.

A bountiful source of nutrition, called by cultures “The Miracle Tree”.

Virtually every part of this amazing tree, from its roots to its flowers has been used for thousands of years to benefits people all over the world.