Muntong Moringa White Coffee with Stevia (20 sachets) x 2 boxes

Enjoy Moringa White Coffee with the benefits of Moringa together with Centella Asiatica (Daun Pegaga, a Malaysian herb or another name Gotu Kola). This drink has Stevia – Natural sweetener without the calories, suitable for people who has Diabetes.

Made with Special Formulation Primaage, it has been scientifically proven that using Extraction of Moringa Oleifera leaves and Extraction Centella Asiatica leaves, slow down ageing process, improve memory and learning abilities. Protect the skin from ageing effects and damage done by the free radicals. This combination drink is super rich with nutrients and is recommended as a supplement for individuals.

Stay Healthy, Young & Happy. Drink Moringa White Coffee.

*FREE shipping within Peninsular Malaysia

RM160.00 RM110.00
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